Feb 16, 2001
Anyone have first hand experience with this model?
Tire kicking at the local dealer and it seems like the least esoteric wide ratio gearbox 125 available. Not interested in a bike without a suspension linkage, sorry.
Any links to recent reviews online would be appreciated.
I think the local dealer might be able to plate it too.
The sm450 looks like a great time too, only the dealer can't get them fast enough.
I'd be interested in anyones feedback on this epa legal sm bike as well...
getting the itch to add so more motorcycles to my list.
I want to buy two 125's, one for for my wife and one for me. I could tune one mild for her and medium for me.
Both of us riding the same dirt bike would greatly simplify my inventory of spares.
TIA, Bill

lynch racing

Aug 13, 2004
Had a kid race one here but never finished, always something wrong. Was never competetive and seemed like a nightmare of a bike, he sold it and bought a Husky 250f, he finished races but was never competetive, all I know :cool:

Jeff Sexton

Sep 7, 2001
I bought an 07 Husky WR125 back in May. IMHO you'd be hard pressed to find a more capable small bore woods bike than this. My son races hare scrambles with it and we've had absolutely no problems with it.


Damn Yankees
Nov 21, 2000
SFO there is one in my garage..but its not mine... I've had a short ride on a '07 and a fellow has an older Husky 125 wr (2004) and rides it here at my farm quite frequently. A couple of other folks last weekend had plenty of real experience with the 125's and gave me imperical data to solidify my impressions...

The 2007 is an improvement over the older ones in my book. Better ergo's because of the new plastic. The chassis feels "right" but the suspension is setup a little soft for me...but (butt) thats to be expected..as I weigh more than I should. (For a reference my favorite handlers are my 2002 VOR with that newer style perimeter frame and (OMG!!) Suzuki RM250's.)(The husky doesn't have as "light" a steering feel as the RM but it sticks really well in the front end...a little more stable. Yamaha comes to mind. Definitly not like Husqvarna's of the 1999-2000 era that felt almost as goofy as KTM's..but in a different wierd way. Partly chassis and partly the new ergo's give better weight placement)

If my friends 2004 125 is any indication, reliability is not an issue. That thing has a ton of hard time on it and hasn't missed a beat. From what I hear thats not uncommon. The WR125 is the best husky chassis for me..even better than the 250f. The NEW 2008's...TXC's are a different story. They are an improvement in the assessment of all that test rode them this weekend at my place. (Had them up here last weekend) Even over the 125 which has been the best handling husky for years.

Actually a his & hers concept would work in my mind. There is enough (JUST enough) low end to pull a person thru our trails..and we have some hills and real nasty wash outs and gullys.

The motor makes pretty good trail power mid range and up for the more aggressive types. They are actually really nice little machines...and those WR's aren't as "WR" as you might expect. I haven't riden the 2008 KTM's but the chassis KTM has sold for the last few years ..I don't care for even a little bit. I know they are supposed to be...all better. Thats an admission they were goofed up to begin with. But we've heard that for many years now. Some like them. I don't care for the way the front end feels. Like steering a wheel borrow to me. Anyway...if you get a test ride on a Husky and like them..you won't be dissapointed after you buy one is my bet.

Actually the 2008 TXE's are supposed to be an inch shorter...I think they actually are..but you want a two stroke..like I do.
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Mar 12, 2000
I am 190lbs and race an 07 WR125 with a FBF 135BB kit and it rips. The bike has had a full season of racing and trail riding and it hasnt missed a beat.

The 135 kit puts out more peak hp than most 250Fs but is lacking in the torque department obviously compared to the 250Fs.
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