125 Or 250, Is There A Big Difference?

neo cyprys

Dec 6, 2000
i sold my 125 today, and am wandering to get another 125, or a 250, i will be riding a little 50% of sand and some trails.some questions of mine are, is there a difference in power, if so how? second im nurvouse that the weight of the 250 over the 125 will be a big difference and i wont be able to have the same amount of fun as i would on my 125or would i get used to it?im 15 200lbs and 5'11, thanx!


Apprentice Goon
Mar 16, 2001
Charlestown, IN
There is only like what....20-30 lbs difference?
I think the difference in torque is much greater than the difference in weight. It's just a matter of power management. I know little guys who ride unlimited bikes with great success. With a 125 I have to work the whole time to keep momentum where it needs to be, and that can be more tiring than keeping a slightly heavier bike up. A 250 can be blipped at the last few feet and have the same results as the 125 that one had to muscle out of a turn and be on the pipe to be able to make the jump.
Sometimes a bigger bike is easier to ride. For me anywho. That's why I'm riding a 125 until I learn to ride again! :)

neo, I've never been on any bike that I didn't have fun on!


Apr 2, 2001
You'll love it!

Your size is perfect for a 250. I'm 16, 6 feet but i'm only 150lbs. I've been riding a 250 since i was 13 .All of my friends switched this year from 125 to 250's and they just love the torque. 250's are great in sand too. There is a big difference though between the too. They both go the same(close) top speed. The difference is torque. 125's scream and they are fun to ride but go for the 250 you wont regret it. Just be careful if u do get one and get used to the power. This kid i know just got a 94'KX250 and broke his collar bone the frist day he got the bike. :)


Jul 6, 2001
im 16 5'6 and 130 pds and i ride a 97cr250,i cant tell a diffrence in weight than my ol 97kx125,the 250 is way ezer to ride,and alot cheeper to maintain,the power is awsome!i hate 125s after riden a 250,they got no power at all,a 250 is the way to go,even for thoses moven up from a 80,i wish i skiped a 125 and went on a 250

Buzz Bomb

May 9, 2000
I think you definately should get a 250 because I don't think 125s would be strong enough for a 200 pounder. They feel a little lighter, but not a whole lot. I have a CR250 and I'm only 135 pounds without gear. I don't have a problem.


Mar 7, 2001
FYI, I'm 195lbs and I had a 250 2-stroke and a 500 4-stroke a few years back but now ride a 125. I'm actually quite surprised as to how much low end my Husky has, but will admit I could use a 250 in the sand. I don't race so for play riding I do like the light weight and it is fun to ride. I haven't decided on what my next bike will be, probably a 250 2-stroke or 400 4-stroke. (once you've had the power, it's tough to live without).
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