Apr 25, 2002
Ive been told if you just change the head and a few other things, you can change a 125 to a 200, 200 to a 250 etc. How much is involved and is it expensive?
Reason being I can buy an 01 ktm 125 exc in mint cond. Freind of the family owned the bike, and rode it literaly 3x. Not even a trail scratch. He said i can buy it for like 2500 which is a good deal, but i dont want a 125. Id be happy with a 200 which is what i have. Any comments?


Aug 2, 2000
You would need at least the crank, rod and piston. Probably a different pipe also. I wouldn't do it because by the time you get done you could have bought a good 200.

You can't change a 200 to a actual KTM 250 because they are a totally different engine. Of course you could modify the 200 by boring and or stroking it to a larger size but thats usually not worth the money and effort either.

Hope this helps.


Oct 9, 2001
cylinder, head, crank, pipe, ignition, head stays, piston and rings, carb (it will work though). I did this. It was a fun project but but would be expensive. I had a 98 200 mxc and an 02 125sx so I just swapped the parts I needed although I bought an 02 200 cylinder and piston cause I wanted the 02 porting. I then sold the 98 as a 125 (with almost new 02 top end and crank).
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