May 13, 2001
Im new to riding and dont even own a bike. There is probably a simple answer for this question but ill ask it anyway. What is the difference between the KDX200 and KX125. People say that the KX is a much more powerful bike but why is that. Im no rocket scientist but usaully a bigger engine means more power.


Feb 1, 2001
Not necessarily. I know that this makes sense on the surface. You probably know that a turbocharger or a supercharger on an automobile makes a big difference in HP. Smaller changes in in a dirtbike make it perform in drastically different ways. The kdx 220 is made for trail riding. It has low end torque that the KX does not have. It gains some of this ability due to an undersized carb. The smaller carb increases intake velocity at slower speeds and helps the bike pull up steap tricky inclines. The KX is made for MX. It does not have near the low end response the kdx does however it will rev forever. The kx probably has the same size or larger carb as the kdx 220. Gearing and flywheel weights will change the personality as well.

Basically (engine) size does matter but it is not everything. If you want to jump and pull weelies, get the kx. If you want to trail ride the kdx 200 or 220 is the better choice.:cool:


May 17, 2000
A slightly modified KDX 200 or 220 will smoke a kx125 on a straight or trails. The only place a 125mx bike will out perform the KDX is on an MX track due to it's suspension. You really cant compare the two because they were created for different applications. A kx250 is another story though.:D
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