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1973 harley x90 have you ever seen one

Jun 30, 2014
this is my 73 harley x90 all original runs like brand new fires first kick i would restore it and paint it up but with something this rare that runs this good no after market or replaced parts its worth more as is you can restore something 100 times its only original once i need more pics of it but this is what i got and other random projects theres a ct70 engine that got a full rebuild trany also and a 200s that just stated to get restored


Dec 31, 1969
Dallas, Texas
I remember them ... they were supposed to compete with the influx of Japanese motorcycles (Trail 90's, 70's, etc). A product of the "glorious", AMF years. Also about the time the Harley/AMF MX bike was made ('74), where the abused term "Front Forks" was accurate, since it had Rear Forks, LOL.

Nice example you've got there!
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