1984 KDX200-B1 help pls...

Mar 13, 2003
Howdy all,

Firstly, my rider weight. I'm 240 lbs with riding gear.

I'm looking have the stock rear shock rebuilt. Or is there an alternative shock available from another bike, with heavier spring and extra adjustment? I hear that an early model kx500 shock (a1 model) may do the trick. anyone tried this? Or would a kx250 shock work too?

Onto the forks... once again, any other alternative springs I could use from another bike?

Please... before you all say "fredettes", e-bay, or denniskirk.com, I'm in Australia AND don't have any plans to sign up for a credit card. Nor am I a fan of online shopping. I have philosophical objections to spending money I don't already have, and forwarding my details over the spam-infested-internet. But thats another topic for another day...

It also explains why I'm still not a member of this magnificent forum.

Many thanks in advance.

Rob C.

and please have a look at my 1984 kdx site...

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dirt bike dave

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May 3, 2000
I had an '84 and the forks were very soft, even for lighter riders.  You can greatly improve bottoming resistance by raising the oil level - try about 100mm from the top with the springs out and the forks compressed.

Also, any spring can be stiffened by cutting off some coils.  You can't go too far because you don't want coil bind before the suspension bottoms. 

Add some preload, too.

Not sure about any other bikes you could swap shocks with.  FWIW, a buddy stiffened a rear spring on his DR350 by brazing little wedges between a coil.  Same principal as removing a coil.  The rear shock on the '84 (when it's fresh) is much better than the forks.