1990 Kawasaki Kdx250 Help Needed

May 13, 2016
hi im restoring a 1990 kdx250 and need some help regarding the wiring, i can not find a workshop manual anywhere for it and im struggling to trace what wires run to what wires in the harness.
i have 2 black with white stripe wires coming from the cdi.
1 black with green stripe wire also from cdi. do not know where or what colour wires they connect to.
my engine stop switch has a red and a yellow wire coming from it and i do not know what colour wires these connect to, the rad temp switch wire is white with green stripe ,but again i have no idea what connects to it.
the main harness on bike does have wires available to connect to ,but these are a brown, a white, a yellow,and a few others, if anyone out there can help in just some of the wiring connections it would be greatly appreciated. cheers Rob.