fossil fuel

Apr 27, 2007
I started riding 2 strokes after taking twenty years off and don't know much about the newer stuff. I bought a cr125 1999 , ran it for 5 minutes and it locked up in fourth gear while riding. It has very little compression if any. Can the power valve cause no compression? Is this top end easy to take off and reassemble with moderate experience? Thanks for any replies.
Jan 3, 2007
fossil fuel, so you tryed to start it after the fact it locked up on you. Well depending on how many times you tryed you might have scared up the cylinder quite bad. Other then the bore job i would say you can do it.


Feb 5, 2004
yea the power valve can cause low compression, but considering it locked up, I would pull the head and cylinder and take a look, once u do that lets us know how she is. Its pretty easy job, just get a manual and follow the torque specs and such. if u run into probs let us know :)
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