May 24, 2000
Man, I think that I am turning in to okie. I'm on a Kawie now, but im starting to long for a very very interesting Honda. No no, not the 500, but the 250.....fourstroke. I know there is one in the works, but does anyone have a clue when it is due out? I am guessing 2003, but here is the other question: I was watching motorcyclist on Speedvision, and it showed el Ryno whipping up on everybody on the 450F, he was commenting on how fast it was and everything, I am just wondering: Is it a 5-valve like the Yamaha? If not, would the 250F be a 5-valve? From what little engine knowlege I have, the more valves the better. I like the yamaha's and all, but honda is a brand that i have never owned, but i have ridden alot and I really want to own one soon. Thank you very much for the input!


Aug 22, 2000
It's a four valver. Very unusual engine design (unless you're used to working on BSA's), the clutch oil is separate from the crank/valve train. It's a great idea, and will keep things cooler and running better longer.

The head runs two titanium intake valves off a regular cam/rocker setup - with one cam lobe & one rocker per valve. The exhaust valves are steel, and run off a single roller rocker setup for less friction with the heat.

Although the 5 valve design works exceptionally well for the Yamie, it's not necessary to have 5 valves to have superior flow characteristics. After seeing the CRF, it really looks lighter and faster than the YZF -- hey, if Heath Voss can pull a holeshot and walk away from the best in the world for a lap or two...I mean, it's obviously not the rider in this case. Nothing against Voss, but HE's NOTHING against Carmichael, McGrath or even Ferry ;)

From what I have heard from the people I trust, they've told me not to buy a WR250 yet. Since they know I love the CR chassis more than the Yamie, I believe it's a round-about way of saying Honda has a 250 four stroke in the works.

From the sounds of it, we'll probably be seeing spy photos in the next 9 months to a year.

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