Aug 15, 2001
Can anyone here give me some advice on stetting up the suspension on a stock 2001 CR250 so that it works good for enduros? I rode the Breezy Hill Enduro and dropped 13 on the short course. I feel like I could have done much better if the bike was set up for Enduros instead of motocross1
Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Sep 1, 1999
On my 99 I went to 5 wt oil and that made them more plush plus I was able to get a better responce from the compression settings. On the rear I just played with the stock shock, keeping the sag correct was key to getting it to work ok. On my 00 Factory Connection did the forks and shock before I bought my 00 so I cant give any more advise on suspension that is any newer then the 99's. You should be able to get it pretty close, I would try to soften the compression to just a few clicks out from the softest setting.

Good Luck

CR Swade

Jan 18, 2001
I rode my 01 stock until I rode some other re-valved bikes (YZ and 98 CR). Iwas using Mobil ATF which is slightly heavier than a 5W oil. That gave me better clicker response, but still had a MX spike in the forks and a skatey rear suspension on really rocky hills. If you must go stock, I ran the high-speed clicker almost full out (anywhere between 3-3 1/2 turns out), with the low speed 11-14 turns out and sag @ 102mm. The forks I ran rebound 8-10 clicks out and compression 11-15 clicks out depending on how muddy the conditions were.
I had a local shop revalve both the front and rear to be gushy for woods work. He left the stock springs up front as I am about 190-200 w/ gear on. They concentrated on the high-speed valving both front and rear and achieved a great set-up. The bike picks up all of the small stuff, doesn't tire me out and tracks straight while soaking up 6-12 logs/rocks instead of deflecting.
I also installed a Scott's dampner/triple clamp/bar/mount kit-it REALLY compliments the overall feel.
As far as I'm concerned, this was the best $870.00 (revalve and steering dampner)I could have spent on the bike.
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