Greek kattom

Jul 24, 2001
I have jyst received my brand new 2002 520 EXC and i want to know if an exhaust manufactuer makes a complete exhaust system for my bike.What about White Brothers, do they make an exhaust system? What else do you believe is vital as a change for my bike. I ride enduros and scrambles.
Greetings from Greece.:)


Mar 12, 2000
The RFS exhaust system is hard to improve on. All you will end up with is a noisy bike! Your money would be better spent on things like wheel spacers and skid plates. Get the suspension set correctly for your weight and get the bike handling the way its supposed to. I think unless your name is Watts, you cant use all the power the 520 makes anyhow.


Dec 4, 2000
Have got to agree with SCOTTYR on this one. For the money, the stock system is the best. Aftermarket systems are lighter, but LOUDER. Depends on your riding ability, public or private land, and the justification for less weight. Professionals can use them, but for the common man, stock is the way to go..

This question has been going around and around for the past year and still does not have a solid answer.

Read prior posts on set-up techniques and practices and you will be a lot better off. Don't forget to replace the stock crimped hose clamps with automotive hose clamps that you can screw on tight so they don't fall off whille your out riding.

Coach in ND

Mar 19, 2001
I run the Pro Circuit T4 exhaust system with there quiet core insert. It's as quiet as stock and saves about 3lbs. I also like th fact that it isn't so huge as the stocker.
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