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Nov 12, 1999
I think 520 riders from central IL should

have to start backwards?


Jamison, the rules for all that are being discussed at AMA on the 4-6th of October. D-17 Rules proposals are being done now, meaning that the tracks and clubs are send those ideas to the board currently. No size changes would happen at the District level but possibly at the national level.
AMA has already worked out some kind of aggreement with FIM and many others on displacement, I am not sure if that will fly at congress but we will see in a month I guess.

Hey I really do miss putting in a few laps on the track down there hope things are going well!!


AJ Waggoner

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Nov 5, 1999
Jamison -
cool to see you here...
I'll try and be sure they pass it at 519 cc's for the 250 class :D

To be serious i'm fairly certain it wont change in the 250 class..
not sure what will happen in the 125's.
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