2003 CR 125 stock susp. settings? engine help!

Oct 25, 1999
A friend of mine just bought a used 03 cr 125 with 12 hours. We are trying to set the supension up for him the mags said that the stock setting worked for most of the riders and I can't find it in the manual does any one know what the stock set up is on the clickers? thanks.
Also I took the bike for a ride at the track and compared to my mod .96 kdx 200 the 03 cr125 is gut less like I am a good mx rider I had a 96 cr 125 and a 01 cr250 I am alittle down on money that is why i have the KDX (an amazing bike tho) but this cr125 has no bottom no midrange! alittle top that seems to be running lean there is this knocking sound on top the cr125 has a fmf fatty with shorty and v-force reeds he did buy it up north I am think the jetting is messed up what to your guy think I should do? thanks