May 9, 2007
I bought a used 2004 crf 250 with all sorts of parts on it including a high compression piston which makes it really hard to start,but once in a while if i fall or if i just turn it off it wont start up again for 30-45 minutes. i have already tried turning off the gas and tipping it on its side then trying to open up the throttle and kick it a couple times but it still wouldnt start. when it does start it rides flawlessly but i dont know why it wont start plz help :bang: because of that bike i have 25 mosquito bites :yell:


Moto Junkie
Apr 21, 2000
Check your valve clearances! It's a pretty easy process, just a few tools, and takes around 30-60 minutes. You should really get in the habit of checking the clearances every 10-15 hours, or any time the bike gets abnormally hard to start.

The CRF250's are known to have the intake valve clearances tighten over time, and cause hard starting. If they are tighter that spec, then you will need to put in smaller shims to bring them back into spec. And rule of thumb, if you reshim two times, then you might want to consider new valves/springs.
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