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Aug 4, 2000
My brother is looking for a new ride. He is 6'4" and 200lbs and currently owns a 88' cr500. He is a little worried that the 300 may not have enough power. I know that the wieght is about the same, but what about the handling.
We ride a wide variety of terrain, so he definatley wants an exc. He also will admit that he rarely uses the power the cr has, but he is so used to it that he's worried he'll miss it. He was very skeptical when I got my ktm, we were both honda men, but he has seen how much better I can ride on mine and now he wants one too.
He's read articles on both bikes, but more info from people who own them is the best testimony. I have ridden a GG300ec and a ktm300exc. I liked them both a lot. I'm just under 6' and felt the ktm was better for bigger guys and also for western riding. If anyone can compare both or just talk about there experience with either one, it would be appreciated. Thanks.
Also, my brother is a B level rider if it matters.


Nov 8, 1999
Jim, If you want to bring you brother up to Reno, I will see to it he can ride both! I have 5 friends with 380s, and myself and one other friend has the 300. Let me know.

I fhe is comfortable on a 500 he will love the 380. It is 'modern day' technology. I have owned both bikes. I am 6' 195. The 380 is too much for me, but I am probably not the rider your brother is. There is actually a couple of 380's for sale here in town also, if he is interested. You can PM me for more info. on the bikes. Tell him he really can't go wrong either way. My 300 will pull 5th gear in some pretty nasty sand:eek:


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Jul 28, 2000
Hey Jim,

I've not ridden either, but FWIW, my uncle (A rider), is selling the 380 MX/C he just bought in favor of the 300. Plus- Moore & Sons in Santa Cruz is selling the 300 MX/Cs for $5200, OTD.


Feb 13, 2001
I used to have a KX500, wanted a 380sx. I got a friend to buy a 300mxc and liked it so well I ordered my 380sx the next week. It is much easier to ride than the 500. I love the 300 engine. I would have bought a 300 if it had the setup of the sx models. I am 6'3" 195 and my friend with the 300 is 6'5" 230. I do not think your bro is too big for either of these bikes.


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Dec 6, 2000
I have been riding CR500's since '88. I currently have a '87. Bought a 300exc a few months ago and have ridden the CR once since then. The CR has a lot more power but that's it (the 300 does make a lot of power just not as much). The 300 is so much more capable. I find it has plenty of power and the handling is soooooooo much better. The smooth power delivery and suspension make me way faster on the 300 than I ever thought of being on the CR500. I'm 6ft at 185lbs and the 300 has no problem going faster than I want. I was going to get a 380 but after riding both I found the 300 to fit my riding better. I've found less power to be more fun (never thought I would say that :think). I would try both before deciding. Either way you go is still a big jump up in handling and suspension. Good luck Any one want a '87 CR500 that's newly refurbished (including new rotors, pads, plastic, bushings, and bearings)?
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