Feb 22, 2000
I was checking around for a clutch basket for a 00 YZ426, and saw the Performance Engineering brand for $139. Does anyone know what the difference is between this one and a Hinson or Vortex? I had a friend whose basket broke and caused some major damage and figured I would get one to be safe.


Jul 21, 2001
Just do it

I have a '00 426 and the basket let go and caused all kinds of damage and was a total pita to get it back together. SPEND THE CHING NOW dont wait cuz it will happen. I put in the complete hinson set (pressure plate,basket and inner hub) new stock clutch. Works like a champ now.


Feb 18, 2000
Another option is to check if your basket is ok, and then remove the chatter/grabbing that causes the cracking/breaking of the basket by taking out one friction plate (innermost) and substituting the friction plate+metal disc+metal disc spring from the 01 clutch. You'll get far more gradual enagagement, possibly to the point of it dragging a bit, but you could put in the 01 release lever parts to fix the throw issue too if you wanted. Check Thumpertalk for parts# listings.

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