Jim D.

Dec 26, 1999
I have a 2000 YZ 426f and I just ordered a hinson clutch basket and a barnett clutch kit will I have to do any other mods to the bike for them to work well??


Crazy Russian
Jan 25, 2000
I've replaced the clutch basket on my '00 426 with a Hinson unit, and although it has diminished it's grabby tendencies, it hasn't eliminated the problem. The clutch itself is lasting much longer with the Hinson unit installed, and there is peace of mind knowing that the Hinson basket won't self destruct.

Due to differences in tolerances from one bike to another, and differences in riding styles, '00 owner experiences with the stock clutch vary.

There is a possibity of using '01 parts to improve the operation of the '00, but I'm waiting for others to experiment first - basically because I'm tired of messing with it. :think

You'll find more detailed info on Thumpertalk.com
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Apr 13, 2001
the clutch

something that will add more life to those clutches is drilling out your clutch hub it just worked wonders when i did it to my 426 with that hinson basket.


Jul 7, 2000
Holeshot the 01 parts do work. They actually work better than the Hinson swap. I have last years race bike '00 set up with the hinson an the '01 parts. Chatter is gone warm or cold. Have also set up another racers '00 with just the three '01 plates and stock basket['00]. No real noticeable difference between the two setups. Seems the bottom plate sticks to the clutch and causes the chatter weakening and eventually breaking the basket. The '01 setup has a cupped washer that seperates the last two plates from the clutch. Everone with the chatter problem would be advised to try the '01 plates first as this only sets you back about 60 bucks.
Part#5JG-16383-00 cupped washer
5JG-16384-00 washer
5JG-16321-00 modified friction plate so washers fit inside
For the perfect clutch add the Maguara juice model......sweeeeeetttt!!!!!!:cool:

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