51 tooth rear sprocket for '03 CRF450??


Jan 10, 2003
My ride is a '03 CRF450 and I just love it. But looks like its time for me to get new sprockets and chain. Just wondering what a 51 tooth rear sprocket will do. Is there any noticeable gain of power/harder acceleration, much more shifting or not. Those of you who have tried it please help me out, what you liked/disliked. And, if you have tried any other rear sprockets please let me know. By the way, over 80% of my riding is motocross.



Mar 7, 2002
I have been using a 51 and ( 13 or stock). I race HS and enduros.
I used a ert gold non-oring chain. It stretched all the way to the back. I wouldn't recommend the chain for the CRF. Note * been using it for a full season , so it may not be the chains fault. ( 20 races)
The 51 gives some harder acceleration . If you are in tight or gnarly stuff it gives you the upper hand. If it is hard packed and fast, the guys with 50's seem to have the advantage. I don't notice any extra shifting. In offroad you are in 2nd or 3rd most of the time and slamming on the brakes, so it is not an issue for me.

see ya

Scott Tipton

Jan 27, 2003
I changed from a 50 to a 52 recently. I ride mostly HS and enduros. i like the fact that I can pull 2nd and 3rd gear a lot more often with out bogging it down.


Jan 8, 2000
I am riding mostly woods with my 04' CRF and I went from a 13T(stock)front and 48T Rear to a 51T in the rear. I like the fact that it wont lug on the tight rocky stuff now but I kinda wish I would have tried a 50T first. cause my buddy with his 03' YZF seems to get away from me a lot easier now that I have a 51T. It seems I am getting a lot of wheelspin now. Even though I am hitting third now and it seemed like I hardly ever hit it before. I was going to get Sidewinder sprockets next after this one wears out cause they last so long but I am not sure if I want to try a 50T first. I cant say I am sold on the 51T until I try the 50T hope that this confused you more. In other words the 51T was a big jump on the 04'


Jun 5, 2000
For what it's worth, I went to a 12t front in the tight woods to keep from using the clutch too much when I first got the bike. Then I got a Z-start auto clutch from rekluse.com and was able to go back to stock gearing. It handles tight trails better than before and can't stall, plus I've got the stock top speed. It's better than a wide ratio gear box! It also is much easier to handle in very difficult situations, steep slippery hills, technical stuff, etc. and gets amazing traction while seemingly reducing tire wear. Best aftermarket product I ever bought. IMHO
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