Apr 23, 2007
Hi there, I just got this cr, and was wondering about fluid levels. How much crank oil, fuel mixture, and coolant level, Thanks she goes pretty good.


Mar 26, 2007
Your best bet for that information would be to purchase a shop manual. They are usually around $25 bucks.

But general guidelines:

Coolant: fill to the top, run an antifreeze / water mix. Distilled water.

Crankcase oil: Look on the side of the engine for a number, somewhere near the check bolt or fill plug. 3 digit number probably in the 500-800 range. Thats how many ml of oil it needs. Opinions vary greatly on what type of oil to put in here. Personally I use 10W-40 Amsoil. Most common are 10W-40 or 80W gear oil.

Pre-mix oil: Considering its an older bike, I'm guessing the manufacturer recommends 32:1 or 24:1. I would run 32:1 with a good synthetic.


Apr 8, 2007
ive got a 84 cr125, i use 32:1, I put 650ml of oil into the cases, and for the coolant fill it up to the neck an puy the cap on. tilt the bike side to side to help bleed the system then open the cap and fill an repeat the steps untill the collant is just blow the neck. p.s its normal for some coolant to come out the overflow in the initial warmup, and make sure u check it before every ride.
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