el presidente

Dec 21, 2000
i have been told before i have my thumper racing big bore kit to bump my bike out to a 435cc machine that i need to open up my air box. does anyone have any ideas on how i should go about doing this i would appreciate it, or should i just go ahead and by a less restrictive air box? if i need to do that i don't want to spend almost as much for an air box as i am for beefing up my engine. thanks for the info


Damn Yankees
May 14, 2000
El prez, the problem with the stock DR airbox is in the area where it goes around the shock, via restricted. The aftermarket box uses a nascar radiator hose and the outlet on the box is offset to the shock allowing more room for the hose, so there is no restrictive area by the shock. With some keen enginuity, you may be able to fabricate something similar, as I understand your concerns about the price of the aftermarket boxes.
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