el presidente

Dec 21, 2000
does anyone know where i can get the best prices on the following parts? thanks in advance

cam shaft
timing chain
2 intake valves
2 exhaust valves
valves ceets and springs
top end gasket set
and possibly a head

genuine suzuki parts are over $450 w/out the head thrown in

el presidente

Dec 21, 2000
we don't have many salvage/graveyards for motorcycles around where i live. smb_katoomer and myself tried to look for some parts before at some of these graveyards and nothing can be found at these places for andy bikes newer than 1979, so pretty much the graveyard thing is pretty much out the question, but thanks anyway Mike. anyone else w/ any sugestions


May 17, 2000
I see your are wanting parts, but I thought I would reply anyway.
I have a 92 DR350( the dualsport one), it has 3500 miles on it, 3000 are road.
It is very clean, and is in excellant shape. It has been maintained very well and never beaten or raced in any way. It has not been started in 4 years, and when I got it out last week, and drained the tank , cleaned the air filter, changed the oil it started right up. I am asking $1500 for it. I live in Illinois(kankakee) It is very nice and might save you some work and money. my email is sned@famvid.com.


Aug 22, 2000
You won't want to replace your used parts with other used parts for this application. Everything you list are wear items, and will be worn in any engine.

The valves are not re-grindable (stellite coated), so used valves just won't cut it.

Asking for a used timing chain would be the same as asking for a used drive chain. It's gonna be stretched, and it will wreck your sprockets.

Nobody makes aftermarket items which are cheaper than the stock stuff (unfortunately, it's not like car parts where there are many sources).

Aftermarket parts will offer more performance, but cost more than the stock parts.

Megacycle and Web both do cam grinds for the DR, but they require a good core to do the hardweld on. If your core is bad, you'd end up paying the core charge (cost of a new cam from Suzuki) PLUS the cost of grinding it.

Aftermarket valves may be available from Vesrah, but after trying them a few times, I've found the few $$ saved isn't worth it. The stock ones are better quality.

If you have only priced these items at your local Suzuki dealer, try one of the national dealers, you might be pleasantly surprised.

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