'93 200 Jetting Starting Point


Jun 25, 2001
Hi all,

As a newbie to jetting and always relying on what the factory gave me, I wanted to get some starting points for jetting.

The bike has always run very well with stock jetting (150 main, 48 pilot, 1172 needle in 3rd), never fouled a plug, and very reliable. I just changed to Boyesen reeds and removed the airbox lid. I figured these two changes probably come close to cancelling each other out. I plan to do my own fine tuning thanks to some great info on the justKDX website, but I need to know if I should change some jets around before fine tuning.

Bike has stock pipe/silencer(yes, an aftermarket pipe is going on when I can afford it), with everything else stock except as mentioned above. Float level is set good, and I have no crank leaks, and of course the filter is clean with a new plug. Riding conditions=altitude 600-1200 ft., 70 to low 80 degrees, no real heavy load conditions(sand, deep mud).

Any info would be much appreciated,
Thanks, Glenn

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