May 17, 2001
I recently purchased a '98 XR400. The suspension has had work done at Moto Pro, and has gold valves in it front and rear. I'm pretty sure the fork springs up front are stock, and I just put the stock shock spring on. It had a stiffer spring on when I bought it, as it was set up for a guy about 220+ lbs. I am 180 w/o gear. I'm pretty sure the fork springs are stock, because he purchased race tech fork springs, but they are still sealed in the bag.
This is the first bike I've had that had adjustable suspension (that worked), so I'm looking for some sort of idea where I should set the clickers at. Mainly the shock, since that's what I changed. I would imagine that with the softer spring, I'd want to back off the rebound some.
Also, I noticed that there was no distinct "clicking" when I backed off the compression dampening while the stiffer spring was on the shock, and while trying to soften the forks compression, I couldn't feel any "clicking" at all, but think I may not have actually turned the screw.
Oh ya, I mainly ride in the woods. Pretty gnarly stuff. (many times, the only tire marks I see are from trials bikes) I will be using the bike for some occasional mx, but want the bike set up for woods as that's 90% of my riding.

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