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Mar 9, 2001
Governor Davis has asked the Department of Motor Vehicles to respond to your recent electronic mail regarding recent changes in the way it handles off-highway motorcycles.

In April of 2002, our department discovered possible conflicts between California Air Resources Board (ARB) requirements and the procedures used at our department and asked the ARB for guidance. The ARB established emission regulations more than twenty-five years ago which indicate that 1978 model-year and newer motorcycles, with engines that are 50 cubic centimeter displacement and larger, must be certified to meet California emission standards in order to be registered for street use.

ARB advised the DMV that its registration procedures required
revision, and, as you know, DMV issued new procedures earlier this year, which stated that 1978 and later model-year motorcycles must have an emissions label indicating ARB certification for street use.

Due to the large number of inquiries such as yours concerning this
change, we recently met with ARB, and California State Parks and Recreation, the enforcement agency for Off-Highway Vehicles, for resolution. All three agencies agreed that compliance with the regulations is necessary, but in recognition of consumers who have made, or planned, purchases that do not account for the change, the requirements could be postponed until January of

As part of the agreement, off-highway motorcycles purchased prior to January 1, 2004, can be converted to street use providing DMV receives an application on or before January 31, 2004. Beginning February 1, 2004, conversions for 1978 and later model-years will only be allowed if the vehicle displays an emissions label indicating the vehicle is certified for street use by ARB, regardless of when the motorcycle was purchased.

Thank you for providing us the opportunity to address your
concerns. Please direct questions regarding emission certification or labeling to the California Air Resources Board at 1-800-242-4450 or http://www.arb.ca.gov. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please contact Andrew Conway, of my staff, at (916) 657-5836.

Andrew Conway
ROD Revenue and Compliance Policy

Andrew Conway
ROD Revenue and Compliance Policy
(916) 657-7884
aconway@dmv.ca.gov <mailto:aconway@dmv.ca.gov>
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