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Mar 16, 2001
Charlestown, IN
I just want to take a few moments to say a couple things.

First, I want to thank Okie and all of the moderators for allowing us to vent. Recent events have not only we Americans, but the world in a termoil. It's reassuring to me that, thanks to our forefathers, we have a free American place such as this to frequent. Other countries would have us imprisoned for holding/expressing our views.

It's very apparent that dirt biking folks are some of the best people on this good earth, and I am proud to be associated with everyone here at DRN. Thank you all.

Pray for justice and peace.


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N. Texas SP
Nov 25, 1999

I too, am glad that the non-dirtbike related posts have been allowed. This horrible event crossed every socio-economic politcal boundries and is too important to delete.

The future events that result from the this weeks attacks will again bring us to DRN to express our thoughts and feelings. The job of the admins and mods will continue to be difficult in deciding what to allow or disallow. Their decisions will be questioned by some but NOT from this member.

I am looking forward to the day when we all return to discussion of dirtbikes, riding, and the such. These topics will once again continue to thrive and bring us back to DRN everyday.
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