AHRMA Natioanl Series in Milliken Co.


Damn Yankees
Nov 21, 2000
ANyone go? I missed Saturday so I went out today and ran the H&H cross Country race. Tons of fun. ( I was the old guy with a Husqvarna and a "X" on my front number plate.) Some guy on this 1967 Twin pipe CZ toasted us all! I think a guy with a Husky got second overall a Yamaha tt500 was third overall. Then me. Jeff Smith looked like the road runner when I looked back across the track. Had this dust trail behind him...was really funny. He had a Can-Am and was really fast.

But the most fun was talking to this guy "smiley" with his BSA's. And looking at those big thumper trials bikes. These guys have those bikes BETTER than origional. They have their heart and soul in those things. They made my day.

Guys if you ever have a chance, just spectating is awesome.

And there were a couple of 72-73 era Bultaco's...it was all I could do not to get one. Got to keep focused...move and all.

Going to do this again soon. I guess there is a race at VDR in a few weeks. Also one at Thunder Ridge, New York State in a couple of weeks I will try to get to both as I will be bouncing back and forth across this country. Hope to see you guys there.:)
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Baked Spud
Jan 1, 2001
If you don't see me at the AHRMA season opener in Phoenix next year...Flame the crap outta me. I'll be the one stinking up the track on a '73 CZ 380 and paddling through the trials on a M199A SherpaT.:confused: ;) :) :eek:

I gotta go, it's the closest one to the Duke City.

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