Air Box Mod Pics?


Does anyone have a picture of a air box mod? I have not done this mod yet and keep hearing good things about it. I am a little afraid of doing this because I don't want to bring in a whole bunch of dirt in and have a big problem on my hands. Thanks,


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If air can get in, so can dirt. The more air, the more dirt. You need to modify the airbox lid (or get rid of it ) to allow more airflow if you want to get the full performance from the engine. The real problem with opening up the airbox is increased intake noise, not increased dirt. Many KDX riders get rid of the snorkel and drill several holes in the top of the lid along the back edge. I just threw my lid up on the shelf and left it there. As cleaning the filter before each ride is a ritual with me anyway, I don't see allowing a little more dust in as a problem.


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wont work

That doesn't help me because I cant attach a .jpg using DRN e-mail. Mike give me your address i'll send a pic.
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I tossed the lid in a box, then mounted (Riveted in place) a rubber splash sheild to the front of the air box simular to a KX. If you know any one that has a KX take his seat off and look at the front of their air box.

This way if and when you sell your bike the new buyer if he or she chooses can put the stock air box lid in place without a bunch of holes.


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Ahhh...yes, we can finally post pictures. :)


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