Nov 24, 1999
I heard from to other riders that Allegheny National Forest is going to charge 35.00 a year for a permit to ride trail system. Anyone else hear this?


May 8, 2000
This might be what you are looking for:

Allegheny National Forest

I have been riding there for 21 years. The only thing that bugs me is that they are making the trails too easy. My wife and I did one section of the rocky gap trail two up on my trans-alp and never had to dab except in a sand wash. However paying a fee to keep the trails open and if they are planning to expand them, wouldn't be too bad. Unfortunately I don't get up there enough any more because of driving time and lack of challenging trails.

Anyone who ever rode there in the 70's an 80's before in the invention of the four wheeled farm implement knows that the trails have been ruined. In fact the bogs were never bad till the 'tards on their mini monster trucks tried to see how many times they could get stuck and turned them into mini lakes. They should have never made an off road vehicle that could carry a cooler.
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