Jan 25, 2007
Hey guys I have a 50cc chinese bike that I have had for a while and I have changed the oil in I would say november, and I did my valves also and until a month ago the bike ran good until I went to the park and rode aronud pretty hard and messesd up my rear hub and let the bike sit for a while and then got my parts and put it together and now its making a ticking noise and was just running ok but I didn't like the ticking noise, and felt like it was getting slower, so I went and bought some 10w 40 oil because I thought I would need it to clean up my engine and I took the oil screw out and I swear about a .25 of a cup came out so it put the oil in and started it, not a lot of gas, and it ran rough when it first started(for about 1 min) then it smoothed it self out and it idled preety nice and the ticking was gone, then I reved it a bit and still no ticking reved it a little more and there it was ticking again, I have been told that it could be the timing chain, could be loose, but theb I read that it tightens it itself automatically, but it has a follower or rowller, that it glides along, could this be a reason, that I have this ticking, ps I haven't rode the bike yet to see if it has got its power back, I'm goin to get some gas and see if its back yet, and can I I use the stuff that you put in a cars gas to clean up the carb and remove all the resedue.

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