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Jan 16, 2002
Dont you just love this time of year? I do because the opportunities to ride are always present... I followed up on just one of those opportunities last Sunday and FINALLY got to ride with Mweissen. Also in attendance were Mark's son Andy, Badgerman and his son Ian and last but NEVER least, OutlawXR4!! What a GORGEOUS day to be on the trail! I met Kyle ("Outlaw") at Wesco near Fremont at a little before 10 and we gassed the bikes, shot the breeze for a couple minutes and headed west toward the trailhead. Hey Outlaw, COOL XR400 there bud!!! We pulled into the lot and there sits Badgerman with his son just waiting for action!! Seeing Ian's 200KDX made me feel good because there
are times that it seems I am the only one riding green these days.. As it turned out we had a real good assortment of "artillery" with Tim's BLUE YZF250 breaking the trail for us
"laggers", Mark's Punkin KTM2fiddy, Andys RAVING RED CR250 (WOW - talk about FEATHER lite!!), Ian's GREEN MEAN MACHINE, Kyles RIPPEN RED XR and my own FLAT TIRE producing KX, we had the trail system pretty much shaking in its whoops!!! We had a great "pre-ride" chat and decided to ride the "Small - Whoop free" section first. Well, we were hoping it was going to be whoop free but it wasnt... It was VERY fun though just getting out and getting some "trail time" with new buds!! After we made the loop, we all stopped back at the lot to take five - have one of adgermans
cookies (OUTSTANDING TIM!!) and shoot the "bull" for a while. After discussing everything from "Mono rebuild" to "why the new CR250 doesnt idle (Sheeze Mark - I REALLY didnt know they didnt have an idle circuit - learn something new every day..)" we decided to head over to the NOW OPEN Blue Lake loop. We were headed "atta way" when Mark pulls up beside and gave my rear tire a real funny look (I thought maybe he was admiring my bald rear tire that matched my "hair free head"). I HAD A FLAT - BOOO HOOOO :( Mark chased down the guys and they came back. I told them to ride on and enjoy the day - I was DNF
:( Well, they didnt know this but I went to Wesco, bought a can of "Fix a Flat" (thought I had one in the van but NO luck), and headed to an intersection "downstream" of where
they would be going.. I parked at a friends house on Brunswick Road, filled the tire and headed out to see if I could find the crew.. I did about 7 miles of trail, bumped into 7 more riders (of which none had seen the guys), realized that it could be entirely possible
that the group wasn't even on this system, stopped at an intersection and wrote "WOODSY WAS HERE" in great big letters across the trail, and headed back to the Van. Good thing it worked out this way because my tire was flat again by the time I got back to the Van (I always wondered why they call that stuff "fix a flat" - it should be called "false hope" or "try this you fool and you will get stranded again") :) Anyway, as far as I am concerned it Was a GREAT ride with NEW friends and we did exactly what I also say we should do.. we "SEIZED THE DAY"!! Pic of the riders is attached - oh sorry Mark, I wasn't going to
show that one :)


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Sep 30, 2003
Hey Woodsy, it was definately a great day for a ride, glad I got to meet you and the others. Its too bad about your flat, we went to the other trail went in a few miles, we stopped for a little bit met a guy on a KTM 400EXC talked for a few, realized Mark and Andy had to get back, so we turned around and headed back. Oh well, I hope I'll see you up at Trailfest, heading up fri night at 6pm when I get outta work.

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Mi. Trail Riders
Aug 15, 2000
Woodsy looks like I missed another great time out with the bikes, boy's and bagderman go fast cookies. Hope to see yaw'll soon.
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