Another (boring) MC vs RC comparo


Dr. Feel Good
Jun 15, 2001
I was reading the comparo b/t the 2 guys' 13-win streaks last night in the most recent RacerX, and the first thing that ran through my mind is that while MC's run was incredible (landing him on Sportscenter twice), he also had literally no competition besides a young Emig and an up and coming Huffman. His streak required several flukes--and he was clearly getting his ass kicked on a few occasions (eg, when Ryno and Emig ran into each other while "they" were in the lead :o . )

On the other hand, Ricky's year has been marked by sheer dominance. His will, strength and physicial fitness made him superior to MC in every way, despite the fact that Ricky has less natural skill (indoors). And like David Bailey said, Ricky brings back the Bob Hannah-effect to Supercross/Motocross. Nobody used to compare to him as far as his physical preparation goes. David says Ricky brings back something that's been missing in Supercross for a LONG TIME. He's talking--physical fitness and intense physical desire and motivation have been missing since the 80's and the days of Hannah. He says MC is SO GREAT that he's been able to get by with his natural talent--he's never had to train as hard as he does now, because up until now, he was on an entirely different level.

Things are changing.
Even Bubba's sense of Dedication and fitness seems unparalleled. "They" say this kid never quits training, and even keeps his helmet, gloves, everything on during the entire event--never taking them off.

..and Ricky was in the Hard Rock Casino Gym 0830 following the Las Vegas Supercross doing cardio with Johnny...unbelievable.


Feb 22, 2000
I think that it's good what RC's bringing back to MX. It seems like the past several years, there has been a trend away from training and physical fitness. It seems like the riders just rely on natural talent.


Ortho doc's wet dream
Nov 24, 2000
in my mind, these are the very things that make rc a hero. it's a shame that he's not more well-liked. mc dropped way down on my list when he quit racing outdoors.


Seven OUT!
Dec 21, 2000
They're both great

I think RC is sometimes not liked because of his P/R... I havent had any problems with him or seen that he was not courteouse to fans, my buddy got his signature.. But I do know people that have met him and didnt have anything nice to say about him, basically stating that he was a pr#@$.... But that is not my opinion, I was just stating that is what reasons I have seen out there or heard... He definately is a great role model about setting goals for yourself and practice and training involved, and of course talent, anything is attainable... We cant bark on McGrath really, yeah we can say the competition is different, fact is, his mark is in history, it is done. He seems to be more of graceful nowadays, and that comes with age and the appreciation of what the sport has done for him... But he has contributed immensly (probalbly not spelled correct) to the sport, and deserves the respect. I would like to see him outdoors too, but you know what, that makes it even more exciting when supercross comes around, for you dont know what to expect from him, particulaly this year. If he can pull out a "john Elway type year" recapture the crown and retire, I think everyone would be stoked, and it would settle all accounts on his abilities, for the past 2 years have had probably the best talent in the world out there....


Dec 2, 2000

How many races did you actually see in 1996? A "Young Emig"? Emig is older than McGrath and was only 1 year away from his peak (if you look at championships).
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