Jun 18, 2000
I just downloaded the free manual from the other post in what is great timing, as my new 46 springs are to arrive tomorrow. This is for my 2001 520SX. I noticed on the disassembly page they show the preload spacer sits atop of the springs. I’ve heard that with heavier fork springs, you might want to adjust the amount of preload on the fork spring. If so, is this where you do it and how? In the manual they show a spacer and refer to “spacers” that appears to be nothing more than washers. Is there more than one on these spacers that can be added or removed for adjustment? Has anybody played with different settings?

It’s funny, since I’ve started visiting this board I don’t see the dealer as much as I used to. Plus my bike is in much better running order. I even find myself helping other people with some of the tips I receive here giving full credit to the DRN site and its members.

As my older post stated, I am new to suspension tinkering, so any help is appreciated.



Mar 16, 2000

WP has spacers for those forks in different thicknesses. 2.5mm, 5mm and 10mm. And yes, they do go between the spring and the fork cap. Under normal circumstances, you shouldn't need more than 5 to 7 millimeters of preload on your fork springs. More than that and you most likely need stiffer springs. And remember! Just because you install (for instance) a 5mm spacer on top of the spring, it doesn't mean that you have 5mm of preload. You need to measure the free length of the spring, and then subtract the installed length to correctly determine the exact preload. Understand?

I am curious about this "other post" where you downloaded the "free manual". Can you tell me what you are referring to? I'd like to see it myself.


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