Any good mods for an 83 XR200R?

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Apr 11, 2001
My friend just picked up an 83 XR 200 from a relative and wants to get the most out of it. Since it's an 83 there doen't seem to be much info I could find for that year. Has anybody done anything to their 83 or similar that they can recommend to make it better; exhaust, intake, suspension, etc? Or are there any good websites or mag articles out there about mods? Also are there any options for a dualsport kit for this besides Baja Designs? Right now he looks like this :think and he wants to look like this;)! Thanks in advance.....


Jul 12, 2000
I have the exact same bike. I would suggest to take the snorkel out(the rubber thing on top of the air box. Also remove the baffle out of the exhaust. The only exhaust for the bike is a supertrapp but I dont think it would be worth it. I have a K&N air filter also and that seems to help alot. If he dicides to do all of these he will need 2-3 sizes bigger for the main jet to compensate for the increased air flow.

Im not sure about the susupension....I weigh 185 and it is way to soft for me. Like OnAnySunday said try running 3-5 psi on the forks or you could swap them with the KDX200 like wfo74 said.

if you need anyother help on the bike I will try to help you out.

Mark C.

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Nov 1, 2000
My friend owns a '82 XR200 with a supertrapp exh., progressive suspension, and UNI filter. Bikes is pretty damn fast for its age ( probably faster then most newer XR200s ):p

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