anybody in PA make there bike street legal??

Tree Crippler

Jun 8, 2000
Converted WR400 in PA

Its a pain in the butt but it can be done. Need High/Low beam,Speedo/odo ,horn,break lights, a mirror and DOT tires. I put the Baja Designs kit on. You have to save all you invoices and instructions. Need 2 papers from a notary(DMV1 and 426). NOTE: Procedures change a little in July. Need a mechanic to inspect bike, fill out DMV papers and sign the 4 pictures of your bike. Your doing a reconstructive title!!! Put a mud flap on the rear fender. DMV wants your fender to be at a 75 degree angle from the axle. This is stupid, even the street bikes don't meet this requirement. If they reject it fix the problem and resubmit. Took me 3 weeks to get a plate with one rejection.

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