Anyone from Iowa? Anyone? (no, not Idaho or Ohio)


I don't see many participants on this forum from Iowa. As you may have noticed, I try my best to post enough to make up for this. Anyway, I have an interest in attending "dillweedfest" ....uh, I mean "dirtweek"...anyone else from Iowa going or possible swinging thru here? (Shhhh, don't tell my wife)


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There is that guy from Watumwa, Iowa. I don't know if he is going but his handle is "Radar".;)


thanks, i'll keep an eye the way, are you sure it's watummwa? There is a Waterloo and an Ottummwa, but watummwa?


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I'm still out here puffs. I want to go to dillweed...I mean dirt week, and would appreciate someone to caravan with. Everyone here in central Iowa has too many anchors keeping them from going.