Anyone make a manual just for monoshocks?


Mar 26, 2001
I've been trying to get some information on rebuilding the rear monoshock on my 83 YZ250 for a while now. I've been told to get one of the Clymer manuals for my bike and it will go over how to rebuild the rear shock. Well I finally went out and paid $30 for the manual and all it goes over is how to remove the spring. Is says nothing about the inside of the shock (seals,valving...). Does anyone know if there is a company that sells a small manual or instruction sheets on how to rebuild the rear shock? Any information would be great. Thanks in advance.


Jun 7, 1999
I don't know of a manual, but if the shock is anything like the one which was on my 85 IT200, and I think it is, then I can help with some how to. I had mine apart once. It's quite a bit different to dissasemble than a modern shock.

Let's start with some basics, just so we're on the same page- Is your 83 a linkage suspension or the old triangle frame? And, does it have the rebound adjuster knob down on the eye end? Last, does it have a remote resivour?

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