Jul 22, 2002
Is there a way to get rid of it? I heard it has somthing to do with oyur diet, does anyone know if that is true. I race almost every weekend and i am just know getting it does anyone know how i can lose it?

Walt Hollis

Apr 8, 2002
Everyone talks about arm pump as the curse of the MX racer, but how do you know if you have it? I am 38, I race twice a month. I am in great shape, workout 5 times a week, and practice MX every weekend. In my races after about 4 laps I start sucking wind, big time. It is not that I am out of breadth or anything it is just that I feel like I can't hold the bars anymore. It is as if I can't hold them tight enough and they are going to tank slap out of my hands. Fast straights are big time scarry. All of my mental and physical energy goes towards my arms and then I make mistakes elsewhere because of it. Big landings are hard because is feels like my arms will give way and I will face plant on the bars.

Is that arm pump or am I just old and not in good enough shape?
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