Jul 16, 2001
I would just like to Publicly thank "Billy Who" for helping me get my set of braces ;) .

I would also like to thank Jeff at MX South for the great service and helpfull advice.
I recieved them yesterday (after pleading with the guys at customs) and spent most of last night seting them up and just checking them out.
I haven't had a chance to ride in these braces but so far i'm extremely happy with the fitment and quality of them. I have used the CTi"s before and these braces are alot more comfortable than them (I had the cti's proffesionally fitted).

I will add a reply to this posting after I race this weekend and let you all know how they perform.

Ride safe



Dec 8, 2000
I second that, I just recived mine today and they are awsome. i was a little concerned with the fit. i was on the border of a large or a medium. when i got the large i tried them on and they felt a little loose so i called the customer service and she walked me through the different adjustments. i also didnt know about the free shipping for being a member....but Billy took care of it. Thanks again guys


Oct 9, 2000
I got to check out a couple sets at the local track a couple days ago and was very, very impressed. Needless to say when I get my act together after the horrifying crash I had yesterday, I will order some!

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