Peer Lovell

Nov 25, 1999
I've noticed that there are a ton of Spode Fests all over the U.S., but I have never seen one organized anywhere in Canada.
So....I'd like to see what interest I can generate in getting together a huge group of riders for a one day Spode Fest, in S.W. Ontario this year, before the snow files or early next year.
Send me your e-mail adress and any comments / ideas or suggestions you might have.
Lets see if we can get something going here!


Nov 24, 1999
:eek: See Brother Peer no one will ride with you now!!!!!! I know your pain...I lost all my riding buddies to wives,other sports,lost riding spots, girlfriends, Football, Hockey, work,and I had lost you to selling Mary Kay cosmetics. But I see you off that kick, I'm glad..You really was pushing that finger nail polish at the last ride we did. The looks you got when you would ask total stangers if you could show them how nice that foot cream was,Was way to much. I was beginning to wonder about you. But I see your back, Thats great.

PS.... remember to remove that Mary Kay decal from your chest protector!!!
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