Sep 5, 1999
Well I broke my leg last year when my front wheel washed and I
put my leg out (left) to save the possible fall, result... Broken
leg Tib/ Fib this happened In a rocky Alabama Enduro. I' ve had
no problems till last week at a ride in MO. where it's also very
rocky and I did the same thing but only sprained the ankle and I
dont realy think it has anyhting to do with the terrain and I dont know how I picked up this bad habit, I swore I would never do it
again, but it hapened so quick I just did it again.


Jul 26, 2001
Dude, you mean your not suposed to do that! I have saved my self from crashing so many times from doing that. Every once in a while it twists or jams my knee real bad and I limp for a week or two as it heals(I really need knee braces). Right now both my knees are killing me but I was passing guy's left and right. I mean how can you throw your self into a corner knowing this maybe just a little to much speed if you don't have that leg for backup.


2005 Lori Nyland Award Winner
Nov 12, 1999
keep your feet up!

as much as possible. also your cornering a little faster then you should be, back out of it a tad and stay smooth, that is what finishes races and keeps bones from breaking. also keep from having your leg stiff, keep it bent a little so it will bend if needed to throw out there for support.


Sep 28, 2001
The longer you leave your foot on the ground, the better chance you will lose control. If your foots on th ground, you have a force pushing the bike off the ground. if your foots on, and you leaning the opposite way you are turning, all your weight is pushing the bike and the wheels into the dirt, giving you more traction. And a less chance of slipping out or hurting your legs.


Apr 22, 2001
Seems the position of your feet is not the answer.Sometimes you need them down and sometimes you need to keep them up.I to suffered a tib/fib break,which resulted from not putting my foot out.My bike slid out and tip of my left foot which was still on the peg dug into the dirt and the bike pushed the heel of my foot forward.The result when I looked under the bike which was laying on my leg was my foot was pointing in the wrong direction.The result was two broken bones and a lot of tissue damage.Three months down the track and I'm still walking as if I've got a stick up my a***.My two cents worth would be to ride with your toes on the pegs(if you need to keep your feet up) more and if the above happens,maybe you'll walk away with dust and not plaster on you.Old habits are harder to break than bones .


Aug 5, 2001
Ideally you don't want to stab the ground. Sticking your leg out front, more than down does help with balance and helps weight the front tire. As menioned in a previous post, keeping a smooth riding position and picking smooth lines is the way to be fast. Even if you have to slow down to do so.


Dec 29, 2000

I read online, you're supposed to keep the toes facing upward and let your foot barely skim the ground...Also I stick my leg out wide if I fell like I'm going down. Or if I'm getting to sideways...I just lost my train of thought....Sorry later.

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