Sep 9, 2000
Yep it happened yesterday, a bank robber clad in a surgical mask and gloves robbed the Zions national bank here in Burley Idaho. Of course Burley's finest were running around with high powered rifles like chickens with their heads cut off, while the bank robber got away:eek: .

My mom actually called me up at the shop and tells me she just wanted to know where I was and where had I been in the last hour:silly: . Gees mom, give me a break, I know I am poor and all but come on. She just started laughing and ask "where was your dad ?" :p


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Jan 29, 2001
Bank robbery is a rare thing there, eh? That must be kind of nice. God, around Atlanta, it's like the Bank of the week program or something. Which bank will get it this week. It's kind of strange to hear more frequently than I want to about all the places that get hit in a week around here. Traffic is bad enough, but it is only made worse when it comes to a halt while the Cop cars and helicopters are chasing down some deranged lunatic that just robbed a place. We have more robberies and chases here than I have ever seen.


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Sep 9, 2000
Hehehe, small town life! We've only had 2 bank incidents in the past 5years or so. THe lastest one was a college kid robbed the local bank and was picked up afew hours later spending his hard earned money at the mall. A real winner in my book. :eek:

The other one had to be the funniest, but i felt sorry for the guy. This guy finds out his wife was cheating on him. She packs up everything she/he owns and moves out of the house while he was at work. He comes home finds everything missing and the "Dear John" letter. Goes to the bank to get some money and drink his problems away, Already started on that! Finds out she cleaned out every account that day. Leaving pissed he flys out of the parking stall in reverse and hits a car. Figuring he screwed anyways he goes off the deepend. He slams it in forward and puts the car through the bank entranc into the lobby! :eek: Then backs out and takes out about 20 parking meters til the car finally dies. That was probably the most excitement this town has ever had, it was great! I hated those stupid meters. :p

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