Bigger Springs??? (Big guys offer advice)


Sep 15, 2000
Hey, I got a question for everyone. I"m 6'3, 230lb and the 5.0kg spring is just not doing its job. The rear susp. is as stiff as possible and I still bottom the bike out when taking larger jumps. Would upgraing to a 7.1kg spring be a smart idea???

Just wondering what the "bigger" guys on the board use....

Thanks for the reply's :)

Mike Fallon

May 28, 2001
yes it would, i had to do the same thing, it shure makes it nice when the bike is working like it should:cool: i went to my local shop and gave them my weight and they orderd one for me for my bike works great:)


Jun 14, 2000
See Jeremy @ MX-Tech

I ride a '00 CR250 and I'm 6' @ 240lbs.
I replaced my fork and shock springs.
Why not give Jeremy Wilkey at MX-Tech (DRN Sponsor) a call 815-936-6277. He fixed me right up with the correct springs.
The correct spring will give you the right sag for the bike without cranking down on the shock spring adjuster.

Worth the time and effort to change them!

Good Luck!

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