Sep 7, 2003
Hello everyone, this is my first post here. Looks like a cool site and a lot of helpful info.. anyway...I am waiting on my new yz250f to get in and im trying to find a dirtbike for my girlfriend. She is too scared of a 125, she thinks they are too big for her, and she sat on an 85 and that was too small, do you think maybe a 100cc 2 stroke or maybe a honda crf230f would be a good choice. are there any xr's that are in that size range. I dont really like the yamaha ttr's. I would rather get her a bike to grow into than get it and say i need something bigger in 6 months. Any input is helpful. thanks. cole


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Dec 19, 2002
I'm 5'3" and started on an XR100, I outgrew that in about 6 months, went to an 80 and outgrew that in 3 months. I'm now on a 125. I've been on that for 2 and a half years...I got used to the size of the 125, because I race and I'm too old for any of the 80 classes and I'd get my butt kicked in 17-25 (I'm 21). KDX's are a good first choice, but it's all on what she's comfortable on. Maybe stick with a 4 stroke. Like the CRF230 or TTR-225.

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