CO Dan

Apr 20, 2001

I have 2 daughters, ages 11 @ 5' tall and 14 @ 5'4" tall, that are currently putting around the yard and doing some very casual trail riding on the XR 80 that I got them.

The younger shows signs of being interested in real riding. I'm thinking of having her ride the XR till she can really go on it - i.e. beyond 2nd gear, handle the rocks a little, very moderate hills, etc. then buying a new or slightly used bike when it looks like they (mostly the 11 year old) are really into it.

So what bike for a non-to-slightly aggresive kid? I'm thinking a TTR125 L Yamaha, the disk brake model. It would be big enough for them and apparently perform well enough. And there is even the possibility that my wife would go for a casual trail ride. But I am open to suggestions.

CO Dan


Super Power AssClown
Oct 4, 1999
New Mexico
Dan, sounds like you've done the homework. I don't think the TTR125 can be beat for all purpose, light weight, and upgradeability. You may have to buy 2 or more to keep all three girls from fighting over it! :)

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