May 7, 2003
WP uses pistons, Kayaba and Showa use bladders. Factroy Connection claims that you get better small bump response from a bladder in your WP shock. Initially I was thinking that this was bogus becasue of the increased surface area of the blader over the piston. But now I'm thinking they might be on to somthing. Becasue the piston has less area I'm thinking that it will compress the nitogen volume to a point that it will only move further when a large bump is incured. I knot it's hard to visualize but is there any reason to my madness? What do you all think?


Sep 12, 2003
I am by far no suspension engineer, but the folks at WP are. There must be some reason they still use pistons over bladders.I am sure they have done research and found that pistons work better...

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