Blah, blah, blah from a new KDX owner

Bryan Kimsey

Sep 10, 2001
After being bikeless for a year (new baby!), I found myself with a little extra money and a '96 KDX200 for $1900. Bike's in excellent condition- used as a ranch bike and putt-putt. "Kawasaki" on the seat isn't even worn! However, it also runs/ran incredibly rich. Thanks to this site (GREAT jetting and hop-up info), I'm getting that under control and am just waiting for my 45 slow jet to show up. In the meantime, I've been riding. I live on a ranch in New Mexico and am extremely fortunate to be able to ride right off the front porch. Been taking the KDX down the creek and just playing around.

Prior to this bike, I had a '92 Yamaha YZ250WR and prior to that a new '96 Honda XR250. The KDX is like the perfect combination of the other two. It handles better than either, and I'm very impressed with the suspension. Places where I'd get rear-end kick (esp. on the Yamaha!), the KDX just floats over. The power is SO controllable- I can lift the front end over washouts easily and controllably. I hit some mud in a turn and on the YZ I would've spun out and on the XR I would've pushed the front end, but the KDX just waltzed right thru. I was impressed. I'm also impressed with how light the bike feels- my YZ/WR weighed the same but felt bigger, and the XR, of course, was top-heavy. The KDX really hides the weight and feels reallly "flickable".

Love it.

Will be adding Alumilite bars, handguards, a new front tire, shark fin, and possibly FMF pipe over the winter.

This is a GREAT site with GREAT information on KDX's!!


Dec 13, 2000
Congrats Bryan on your new ride, I just bought a 95 about a month ago, havent rode it yet, still recovering from a broken leg/ankle. reading about any new ride reports and hop-up posts is almost like being there myself, tell me more about your next ride.:)


Dec 21, 1999

Congrats also from Va. The kdx fits so many riding needs and that is what makes it a special machine. You'll find that as your needs grow the kdx will still fit right in..
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