Jun 28, 2001
:( Hey folks,
My son (8) and I are new to the dirt bike thing, about 2 months new. Well we had a GREAT little place that we were going, about 10 acres of wide open Georgia clay(some trails of on the wooded parts) little jumps and a few big ones too. all groomed by bikes, go-karts, four wheelers, and even some bicycles. We could load up the bikes in the pickup and be there within 5 minutes, it was too easy I guess.
Well, yesterday afternoon when I got home from work we were both looking forward to going. Loaded up the bikes just as we have so many times before, stopped at the local gas station and filled up the bikes. Got to the little spot and found a NO TRESPASSING sign and yellow tape in the little dirt road that got us there, what a drag!! Needless to say, we were very upset. He was getting good too, and it was a great workout for me. This place was great. Folks would just show up and ride, thats it. We didnt have to go through alot of crap to go and ride, we didnt have to "plan" it, we just went whenever we felt like it.
We went back over there this afternoon and there was some folks ridding but with my luck I would get a damn ticket. Now we need to find a place to ride. I live in Buford/Lawrenceville Ga, if anyone knows anywhere we can go to let out some two stroke smoke,FREE, PLEASE let us know. I think this is a great way to keep the kids outa trouble, plus we had alot of fun. Man whatta' drag.
Oh well, help us if you can.
I just needed to vent I guess :{


Jan 27, 2000
Sorry to hear about that Todd.

Sounds like it is time for you to get involved in land issues. The same thing is happening to all of us most everywhere. If we don't ALL become involved, there will not be anywhere to take the kids.

Visit the land use forum. Lots of good information in there.


Posts Too Much
Nov 14, 2000
I was just down in that area. I rode on some family property. Well I don't know of a place down there. I hope you find a place.

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