Jul 13, 2001
Hey guys, and Jeremy..

Lately I have been going to the track with my 00' YZ125 and am really getting into jumping...

The thing is, on a small 40 ft table top, which I only get about 5 feet of air off of, I am bottoming my suspension, front and back. HARD!

Then a 60 ft table in the back even HARDER.. to the point where it is hurting my ankles... Mind also that I'm landing perfectly down the landing of the jumps as well...

I go home, and try adjusting the clickers on the shock and forks... Test it out... a bit better but still bottoming..

I dare not to even try to take my forks apart or change the oil...

I'm 13 Years old.. 5' 10" 150lbs.. And I know this is definitely not too much weight for my YZ.. Maybe it is as of now...

I've been seriously deciding to send my forks and spring to MX-Tech for a full works revalve... Would this be a good choice?

Man my friends C-Cycle on his RM is really smooth.. and I'm sure MX-Tech's will be better.. :)

Thanks for your input..

Here is a pic of me bottoming off of the 40 footer.. Err :think

*Kachunk* Oww..

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Oct 9, 2000
Have you ever played with the clickers or the sag? I also know that you have never changed your fork or shock oil(you told me on the phone). You really need to do this! Your stock springs should be fine, but if you are really agressive, then you may need stiffer ones. There is alot of adjustment in the stock suspension in terms of oil, oil heights, preload, and clicker settings.

Also, Rocky Hill is not a great track to test suspension. My suspension bottoms alot there but at every other track it is perfect. That track is like cement with braking bumps on the landings and they are almost flat! You should see the skidmarks under my fenders! All black! I really need to get new piston rings and flip the midvalve shims!

BTW, I have 2 more days of summer school. After that, I am free untill real school starts. I finally have the time to grease you linkage bearings as I said I would months ago. Email me and we can try to set up a time. MAybe you can come over when I am rebuilding my suspension so that you can learn how to?

Revalving will fix your problem. But, instead of throwing hundreds into the suspension, go to extremes to see if you can get it to work at all stock. Then again, I like to experiment and you may just want it fixed asap!

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