Apr 28, 2007
Hello. I am planning to build a mini Motocross/supercross track im my back yard , does anyone have any ideas or blueprints for a track that is already built?
btw: I have about a 0.5 acres long X 0.2 acres Wide
Then there is another piece with the same dimensions. The two come together to form an L -------kinda wired track i know...

Any info would be great, I just want to provide somewhere for me and my buddy's to ride (as ther
e is no local mx track on the island) even if its super simple


Crash Test Dummy
Jul 18, 2006
Amo, IN
Since an acre is a measure of area not distance, how long and wide is it??

Check Dirtwurx website for ideas about building a track. If you have limited space, you are most likely going to be building something tight, and they are the masters at building tight tracks. Lots of good info on there..
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