Nevada Sixx

Jan 14, 2000
hi, i have a mid 70's bultaco that has been in storage for almost 17 years, it still looks very nice, but it's hard as heck to crank now that i got it out again. I think maybe I can send my carb and engine by mail to a specialist and maybe they can clean out, and inspect for wear and tear.

A good machanic should know if an engine is "right" even if they never get to ride the bike,, right?


Sep 22, 2000
Not sure if there is a Web site for Hugh's Bultaco in New York but that is the place to check into.
Most every motor that cranks has life left in it---all depends how much money you want to invest.
Heck I did a quick search here it is;

If all the body parts and are there and no major visable problems you can probably get that beast ready to rip for $3-400.00 if you do most of the work yourself.

It's a shame to let an old jewel like that waste away. Get it running and have some fun!

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